Saturday, October 13, 2012

My childhood was a song!

And it’s a recurring melody.  I have just hummed my way through Que Sera Sera, Little Sir Echo, Mockingbird Hill, Look to the Rainbow, Somewhere and Wooden Heart. (Once again, thank you YouTube - I am young again).   It’s amazing how the lyrics come back almost word perfect.  And it’s also amazing how new lyrics suggest themselves too.  Here’s a sample (I’ve called it A Teacher’s Song!):

Sit down, be quiet;
Oh, please don’t be so rude!
Sit down, be quiet;
Be nice as li’l girls should!
Sit down, be quiet;
You must obey the rule.
Though life is no party
School could be so cool!

Children are lovely,
That’s what I was told.
Children are playful,
So happy to behold.
Little girls are sugar
And everything that’s nice.
Ribbons and pretty frocks
And life that’s full of spice.

On the day I came to school
This is what I found:
Lots and lots of little girls
Running all around.
“Miss, she took my bottle”
“Miss, she pulled my hair”
Little voices shouting loud
Here and there, and there!

Little girls as good as gold
Is truly quite a myth.
They can throw real tantrums
And make me have a fit.
And though I sometimes roll my eyes,
And shout as loud can be
I wouldn’t really change a thing -
School’s pretty fine to me!

Repeat: Sit down, be quiet....

Do you think they might listen?