Thursday, March 28, 2013


(I wrote this many years ago for our Parish Bulletin, but in the light of yesterday's service and hour of prayer, I thought it relevant to post it here

Have you been there Friend? to Gethsemane ? Have you been weighed down by oppression and burdened by pain?  Is your heart heavy and does hope seem forlorn? Is the night so dark, that the way ahead seems treacherous?  Do friends turn foes?  Have you felt abandoned? Do you feel the need to cry....

Dear God . . .
Let this cup pass.
I cannot bear
Another moment.
This pain
Is too great,
And weighs heavy
On my heart.
I have known
The cold sweat of fear.
Fear that has bred
Hate, anger and
Led me to
And now I stand
At the very edge
Of existence.
I speak, but
No one understands.
I call out, but
No one hears.
Is this why
I am?

Where is the answer?
Where must I seek?

I shall go to the garden
Again and again.
As Jesus went before . .
To pray.
To find God.
To know my Father.

Have you been there, Friend?
Have you been to